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Added Frontier Design 11/2/97.
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The Alesis ADAT Optical I/O interface is an 8-channel, 24-bit digital audio interface. Most of the new SGI workstations support the ADAT Optical interface, in addition to AES digital I/O, either built-in or via a low-cost option card. For more information on SGI audio specifications and available applications, please visit the SGI Audio Applications Directory.

Here is a short list of some Web sites containing information about products which support the ADAT Optical I/O format. Note that many of the ADAT Optical products seem not to have official Web pages. In these cases, I try to find Web pages from dealers who sell these products, or list a phone number at which you can request information. If you find more products, please let me know; I'll gladly add them.

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ADAT Optical Manufacturers

Listed Alphabetically


Akai manufactures the DR8 and DR16 multitrack hard-disk recorders, with optional ADAT Optical interfaces.


Alesis offers a wide array of ADAT Optical compatible products, including the ADAT XT digital multitrack deck (which can also be used simply as an A/D or D/A), AI-1 format converter, QS7,QS8, and S4 synthesizers, and Q2 effects processor.
Alesis now has a list of ADAT-compatible manufacturers and products.

Apogee Electronics

Apogee makes Apogee AD-1000 (stereo) A/D converter w/ADAT Optical Output and the Apogee FC-8 ADAT Optical<->Tascam TDIF Format Converter.

Mytek Digital

Mytek makes 20-bit, 8-channel A/D and D/A converters.


Digidesign makes the Digidesign ADAT Interface to interface their ProTools products to ADAT Optical.

E-mu Labs

E-mu makes the Darwin hard-disk recorder, which has an ADAT Optical Digital I/O interface.


Fostex makes the CX8 and RD8 ADAT-compatible multitrack decks.

Frontier Design

Frontier Design makes the Zulu and Tango low-cost, 20-bit combined A/D & D/A converters.


Korg makes a number of products which support ADAT Optical. These include the 880 A/D 8-channel A/D converter, the 880 D/A 8-channel D/A converter, the 168RC Digital 8 Bus Recording Console , and the Trinity line of synthesizers.

Kurzweil Music Systems

Kurzweil makes the Digital MultiTrack interface (DMTi) , which converts between AES/EBU, ADAT Optical format, the Tascam TDIF format, and the Kurzweil K2500 "KDS" audio format.


Midiman has announced the Digipatch 12x6, a 12-in/6-out digital audio patchbay, with both coax and ADAT Optical inputs and outputs.


Otari makes the UFC-24 Universal Format Converter , which converts 24 channels of digital audio between numerous formats.


Panasonic makes the MDA-1 digital multitrack recorder, which supports the ADAT Optical interface.


Rane makes the Rane RC24A Recording Converter , also known as the PAQRAT. This is designed primarily for use with 16-bit modular digital multitrack decks. It packs and de-packs stereo 24-bit into 4-channel, 16-bit audio.


Roland makes the DIF-800 ADAT Optical digital interface for its DM-800 Digital Audio Workstation.

RSP Technologies

RSP makes the Project X Automated Digital Mixing System, which has an optional ADAT Optical interface.


SGI makes a number of workstations, such as the Onyx2 and Octane, which come with ADAT Optical I/O, and the O2 . A low-cost digital I/O expansion card for all these systems, including ADAT Optical I/O, is available. For more specs see the SGI Audio Applications Directory.


Soundscape makes the SS8IO-1 A/D and D/A converter, with TDIF and ADAT I/O.


Spectral makes the Translator and Translator Plus format converters, which convert between various multichannel digital I/O formats, including ADAT Optical.


Studer makes the D19 MicAD and D19 MicValve 8-channel 20-bit A/D converters and the D19 MultiDAC 8-channel 23-bit D/A converter, all of which support the ADAT Optical interface. Also, at NAB 97, Studer was showing a modular system, called D19 System Components, which provided a building-block approach to ADAT, Analog, MADI, and other kinds of I/O. For more information, phone (615) 391-3399 (Studer Nashville) or check out the Studer web site.

Yamaha Professional Audio

Yamaha has two digital mixing consoles which support the ADAT Optical format, the 32-channel O2R mixer, and the 16-channel O3D mixer.

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