Bundled Applications with IRIX 6.2

The following applications come with each audio-capable SGI system, unless otherwise noted. Many of these applications are new or changed in IRIX 6.2.


Simple sound recording & editing program. Supports mono, stereo, and 4-channel sound files of 8,16, or 24-bit audio. Provides simple effects (reverse, echo, fades, normalization, time-stretching) and cut-and-paste editing functionality. Sound can be cut-and-pasted between multiple simultaneous instances of soundeditor.

DATman: Virtual deck for DAT playback & recording on the SCSI DAT drives, to/from the built-in audio system and optionally to/from disk.
CDman: Virtual deck for CD playback on the SCSI CDROM drives, to the built-in audio system and optionally to disk. Supports a database of CD titles.

Plays audio and standard MIDI files. Handles WAV, Sun/NeXT, MPEG-1 bitstreams, AIFF-C, AIFF, BICSF, and Sound Designer II audio file formats. MIDI files are played back in real time, with interactive tempo control, via midisynth .

Soundplayer is also the default application used for sound and MIDI files on the desktop. If you simply double-click on an audio or MIDI file, the desktop will run soundplayer to play it.


Midisynth is a real-time software synthesis engine which can accept MIDI data from other applications (for example, soundplayer ) or from external MIDI devices. It comes with, but is by no means limited to, a set of General MIDI presets and some swank "Golden Analog" presets. You can also specify your own soundfiles or presets for use with midisynth.

Synthpanel monitors and controls the behavior of "midisynth." It allows the user to change presets by patch number or by dragging preset files onto each MIDI channel. It shows which channels are active and allows individual control of channel parameters (pan, volume, expression) and global parameters (reverb, tuning, etc.)

Midikeys displays an interactive 3D piano keyboard which sends out MIDI messages, either to external MIDI devices, or to the internal MIDI synthesizer, midisynth . It can also receive MIDI messages from other applications or from external MIDI devices and animate itself to monitor the MIDI content.

IRIX 6.2 also comes with some demo MIDI files, which can be found in /usr/share/data/music/. Double-click on these files, if you have the MIDI software installed, to play them.

Sound, video, and movie file format & sample-rate conversion program. Supports AIFF, AIFF-C, NeXT/Sun, BICSF (IRCAM), Sound Designer II, raw, MPEG, and WAV formats. Converts number of channels, data type as well.

Easy-to-use audio, image, and movie capture tool.

Movie construction, editing, and playback tools. Support a number of formats, including QuickTime and MPEG (Note: the IRIX 5.3 versions of these tools are pictured here).

Graphics and media presentation package.

Audio control panel. Provides input source selection, level meters and faders, speaker gain controls, sample rate selection, input monitoring, and output mute controls. IRIX 6.3 version supports multiple independent input and output devices and slaving audio to video.