Commercial Applications

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Paradigm Simulation, Inc.

Audition is a sound design and editing system. The folks at Paradigm say: "Real time auditioning capability of Audition 1.0 enables the user to simultaneously listen to a sound file and modify it. This along with powerful tools like a 10 band graphic equalizer, loop definition tool, pitch shifter and resampler greatly enhance productivity for the professional sound designer. Audition also provides a frequency spectrum display so that the users can examine the frequency content of their sounds. All this and the support for editing across multiple Audition windows makes it a must-have tool."
Audio Works 2 
Audio content creation and real-time audio rendering for 3D simulations and games. Provides sound design and audio scene database creation. "AudioWorks is an interactive, real-time, 3D, multi-sound capability adds a whole new dimension to simulation and virtual reality applications. AudioWorks provides continuous, real-time 3D processing of multiple independent moving sounds with SGI computers."
John Perser, Manager/Audio Products
[email protected]
Paradigm Simulation Inc.
14900 Landmark Blvd. Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75240
ph. 214-960-2301, fax 214-960-2303

SDRC (Structural Dynamics Research Corporation)

IDEAS Sound Quality Engineering Now links to SDRC's Web site!
Studies have established that consumers identify sound as a major criteria in helping them to develop their impressions of the overall quality of a product. Sound quality has been an important issue in the automotive industry for decades, but is now also a growing concern for manufacturers of consumer appliances, office equipment, power tools, marine equipment, off-highway construction vehicles, farm equipment and other products. Achieving good sound quality is a much more sophisticated process than simply determining that a measured sound is "too loud." This process goes beyond basic sound level reduction to also include engineering the product to eliminate specific, objectionable sounds and yet retain appropriate, desirable sounds.

I-DEAS Sound Quality Engineering software enables you to measure and thoroughly analyze the audio "signatures" of a mechanical product in order to identify which features of a sound control its perceived character. Once the unacceptable features of these sounds have been identified, by employing quantitative metrics or qualitative jury listening studies, you can then set specific targets for a more desirable sound. Other I-DEAS products complement I-DEAS Sound Quality Engineering by enabling the engineer to use both simulation models and test data to develop modifications to improve the overall sound quality and to achieve the ultimate objective of designing the desired sound characteristics into the product.

IDEAS Vibro-Acoustics Now links to SDRC's Web site!
I-DEAS Vibro-Acoustics software allows you to predict how sound waves affect the structural performance of mechanical components and how vibrating structures generate noise. The module is fully integrated with I-DEAS Master Series software, thus enabling you to perform structural modeling, vibro-acoustic data preparation, structural and acoustic analysis, and dynamic testing through a single user interface.
Steve Barker
2000 Eastman Drive
Milford OH 45150-2789
(513) 576-2400

Sonic Solutions, Inc.

Sonic System
The Sonic System(tm) is a family of digital audio workstations designed for use in the CD PreMastering, Audio/Video Post Production, Music production, and Radio Broadcast markets. The system is configurable from 2 channels of digital audio I/O up to 24 channels and features extensive audio editing and digital signal processing power. The system supports recording resolutions up to 24-bit, and as many as 72 independent tracks of audio playback are available. The Sonic System(tm) includes software as well as audio processing hardware.
Available Soon.
Scenarist is a White Book V. 2.0-compliant video CD authoring package.
Sonic Solutions, Inc.
101 Roland Way Suite 110
Novato, CA 94945
(415) 893-8000
(415) 893-8008 (fax)

Progressive Networks

The RealAudio Player, a freely-available helper application for World Wide Web browsers, plays audio-on-demand--without download delays--via the internet. The installed base of RealAudio Players was approximately 2 million as of January 1996. The Player receives audio streams from the RealAudio Server, which is available for Windows, Macintosh, and most UNIX platforms.

Creative Digital Research

CDR Publisher
CDR Publisher is CD-ROM recording software. With the new multimedia enhancement, CDR Publisher can create Audio, CD Plus (Enhanced CD), Mixed Mode, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, and Video CDs.

Lake DSP

Huron (software support for) 
The Huron (pictured) acts as an audio server over a network.  It receives
positional commands of sound sources, that can be generated from the visual
simulation software running on a SGI machine, and renders the
3d acoustic environment over multiple speaker arrays and/or multiple
headphones automatically.

Lake DSP provides development and integration support for the Huron.

Patrick Flanagan
[email protected]
Lake DSP

Applied Vision, Inc.

MPEG playback solution for SGI platforms. It plays compressed MPEG-1 audio, video or system-level multiplexed audio+video bitstreams in real-time with stereo CD quality sound.With the integrated CAPTURE_TOOL, it lets the user cut and save pictures or sequences from an MPEG source. And with the CD_TOOL, users can play Video_CD and CD-I digital movies from a CD-ROM player.
Download a Demo Version

Kilicaslan Mertan, Product Manager
[email protected]
Applied Vision
2719 S. Norfolk Street #209
San Mateo, CA 94403 USA
415-573-8365 voice
415-573-7913 fax

North Valley Research

North Valley Research Digital Media Development Kit
Version 2.0
Audio/video MPEG encoding/decoding, audio/image conversion software. Requires IRIX 5.2. Any SGI platform will support encoding/playback; audio playback requires AL-compatible audio-equipped system. 100MHz or faster processor recommended for playback.
Download a Demo Version
Download Specs and Price List

[email protected]

IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique)

Max is a graphical programming environment for developing real-time, interactive audio applications. Designed initially for MIDI event control, it now includes real-time synthesis and signal processing capabilities. In addition, it allows score following and automatic sequencing.
Xspect is an interactive graphical program aimed at the following goals:
- display, comparison and measurements of signals and break-point functions
- analysis of signals, display, comparison and measurement of analysis results.
SVP, a super phase vocoder, is a modular software for sound analysis, processing and synthesis based on Inverse Fourier Transforms and linear prediction coding. It allows filtering by frequency bands and surfaces, time stretching and compression, mixing and cross-synthesis special effects (such as tremolos, speaking instruments, etc.) Mainly used in studio production, it works on Macintosh and UNIX workstations (DEC, SGI).
The Chant program was originally developed for synthesis of singing. It was then further developed for the synthesis of other instruments, offering a rich set of possibilities for general purpose synthesis. Developed initially on UNIX machines, it has also been ported to the Macintosh. Chant offers formant synthesis of the type "excitation-resonance" as well as filtering and other sound transformations.
Diphone is a program based on control by generalized diphone. Previously used in voice synthesis, the concept has been extended to musical synthesis. It offers a powerful means of creating a musical phrase from a dictionary of sound elements by juxtaposing and articulating them. Diphone was developed in a UNIX environment (SGI) and written in C++, with a user-friendly graphical interface under Interviews 3.1.
The Spatialisateur, developed by Espaces Nouveaux and IRCAM is a sound processor which allows the user to control precisely the position and projection of sound sources in a virtual space by simulating the acoustics of that space. It can be configured either for loudspeakers or headphones.
Vincent Puig, Marketing Director
[email protected]
1 Place Stravinsky
Paris, 75004

The Composer's Desktop Project 

The CDP System
The Composer's Desktop Project is a cooperative business enterprise creating sound-processing and composition tools for desktop computers. They have a large suite of tools available for manipulating audio and MIDI data.
Composers' Desktop Project
11 Kilburn Road
Tel: (01904) 613299 Fax: (01904) 612871
[email protected]

Discreet Logic

STREAM, RIVER and RAIN from Discreet Logic are audio editing systems.

STREAM is a revolutionary audio editing subsystem. It offers 4 I/O channels and 12 tracks of disk playback. STREAM is integrated with Discreet Logic's FLAME, FIRE or INFERNO visual effects systems.

RIVER is designed to handle larger and more complex audio projects. RIVER offers 8 I/O channels and up to 16 tracks of disk playback. RIVER's further expansion capabilities provide up to 64 channels I/O and 100 tracks of disk playback.

RAIN is a networked independent system which takes full advantage of both STREAM and RIVER functionality. A complete toolset provides precise editing, variable cross-fades, automated digital mixing, and EQ. RAIN also offers background loading and unloading to and from the hard disk.

Non linear post-production professional software for video and film special effects. Offers real-time video and audio playback, editing, keying, compositing, color correction, audio, text, paint, 3D effects, warping, motion tracking, plug-ins and real-time video input/output. Runs on the SGI Onyx RE2 or InfiniteReality w/ Sirius & ASO or Vigra boards.
Post-production professional software for video and film special effects. Offers video and audio playback, editing, keying, compositing, color correction, audio, text, paint, 3D effects, and motion tracking. Runs on the SGI Indigo2.
FIRE is an on-line, disk-based digital editing solution for video post-production. The system features powerful editing tools and a unique gestural interface, coupled with a complete finishing toolset. Editors are provided with fast, non-linear access to non-compressed images and audio, streamlined editing, and auto-conforming.
Discreet has many products available for the SGI platform. I try to keep up-to-date on the audio-capable products, but I suggest you check out Discreet's web site for the latest information.

Integrated Research

Harmony is a hybrid video/audio editing, compositing and image-processing system.
Cinebase is a full-featured video, stills, and audio asset-management system. For more information on Cinebase, please send e-mail to [email protected] .
Integrated Research
2716 Erie Ave. Suite 2W
Cincinnatti, OH, 45208
(513) 321-8644 (ph)
(513) 321-8722 (fax)

Illustra Information Technologies 

Illustra makes an RDBMS, that, coupled with specialized "DataBlades," can function as a powerful media asset management system. Here's what the company says:

"The Illustra Server is the industry's first DBMS that efficiently handles alpha numeric, character, text, video, images, audio, and documents within a single repository [...] Illustra has introduced the idea of "DataBlade modules," which are object libraries that enable the general-purpose Illustra DBMS to handle the needs of a specific application. Loading a DataBlade module into Illustra is analogous to snapping a special-purpose blade into a craft knife to perform a specific function. A DataBlade module extends Illustra into a new data domain by defining new data types and functions to act on them. "

They have DataBlades for 2D & 3D spatial objects, images, OMF files (incl audio), text, time-series data, WWW information, and others. Check out their web site for more info...

Illustra Information Technologies
1111 Broadway, Suite 2000
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 652-8000 (ph)
(510) 869-6388 (fax)

Clarity Software

Rapport is a multimedia e-mail system, compatible with PC's and Macs.
Clarity Software
2700 Garcia Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 691-0320 (ph)
(415) 964-4383 (fax)


Revolucid is a multimedia tool which lets you directly convert images, movies, shapes and sounds into beautifully complex and unique MIDI sequences. Music can also be generated from fractals, mathematical functions, and from 3D objects.
Dave Scruton, President
512 Avenue G #308
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
[email protected]

Entropic Research Laboratory .

Developer TrueTalk 
Developer TrueTalk is a client/server API and C function library for text-to-speech (TTS). Called from client programs, the library functions manage the server connection, specify audio output (to files, audio hardware, or arbitrary functions), handle errors, and send files or text buffers to the server. Timing functions include pause, resume, stop, and synchronization, and event-handler functions can be specified to be called when textual events occur. A TTS control language of in-the-text escapes provides fine control of intonation, pronunciation, voice, etc. Personal TrueTalk, a TTS GUI, is included, along with a server program, several sample client programs, and complete doucmentation. Free demonstrations of TrueTalk are available via WWW.
The Entropic Recording Spectrograph (ERS-2000) is a two-channel, real-time spectrum analyzer that simultaneously digitizes and records signals while using X-Windows to display frequency and time domain data in real time.
Personal TrueTalk 
Personal TrueTalk is a software-only text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis system with a graphical interface, designed to voice-enable your workstation. Based on AT&T's TTS, TrueTalk produces highly intelligible, prosodically natural synthetic speech. Text is taken from files, highlighted X selections, the interface scratch pad, or other programs via a TCP/IP socket or Tcl/Tk's "send" mechanism. The GUI provides buttons for Stop, Pause (highlights text positon), and Resume, plus a configuration panel to set speaking rate, volume, gender and voice type, and to select among drop-in text filters ("email" and "lively" examples included). Free demonstrations of TrueTalk are available via WWW.
waves+ is an interactive program for viewing, manipulating, visualizing, and analyzing signals. It exploits X-windows for time synchronous viewing, panning, zooming, editing, and playback of multiple signals.
The Entropic Signal Processing System (ESPS) provides a signal processing extension of UNIX.
Entropic Time-Scale Modification software (ETSM) provides an efficient, effective and robust means for audio time-scale modification (the playback of audio data at rates faster or slower than the original recording, but without changes to the local periodicity).
The Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) is a software toolkit for building Hidden Markov Model (HMM) speech recognition and classification systems.
The Aligner is a system that automatically time aligns speech signals and the corresponding English text. The Aligner also generates a phonetic transcription and time-aligns it to the speech waveform.
Tom Veatch, Marketing and Sales
Entropic Research Laboratory
600 Pennsylvania Ave S.E.
Suite 202,
Washington, D.C. 20003
(202) 547-1420
[email protected]

Blue Ribbon Soundworks

SuperJAM! is an automated composition program designed for the tone-deaf and talented alike. Used for creating copyright-free multimedia soundtracks, writing original compositions, and having fun with music, SuperJAM! comes with over 25 different musical styles such as classical, jazz, reggae, and rock 'n roll. SuperJAM! works with either MIDI or as a standalone application, using the IRIS Indigo's(tm) audio architecture to create 16-bit instruments. In addition, users can create their own styles from scratch or modify existing styles to suit their musical tastes.
Brian Thomas, Sales & Information
Blue Ribbon Soundworks
1605 Chantilly Drive
Suite 200
Atlanta GA 30324
(404) 315-0212
(404) 315-0213

Avid Technology, Inc.

Media Fusion
Media Fusion is a powerful application for editing non-compressed images and 48 KHz audio on the SGI Indigo2 IMPACT? workstation. Users can open Media Composer®-edited projects directly within the Media Fusion application, thus bypassing the process of re-creating projects in an online suite based on EDLs. Compositional information contained in up to 24 Media Composer picture tracks- including edits, dissolves, wipes, picture-in-picture and other 2D effects - is immediately accessible.
Media Spectrum
Media Spectrum is a comprehensive, all-digital online environment for high-end, effects-intensive projects including national commercials, promos, broadcast programs and music videos. Running on the SGI® Onyx? workstation, Media Spectrum provides an integrated, all-in-one solution for nonlinear onlinepost-production.
Elastic Reality
Elastic Reality is a powerful special effects system combining the most advanced warping and morphing technology available with sophisticated 2D & 3D animation, color correction, matte generation and compositing tools.
Avid has many products available for the SGI platform. I try to keep up-to-date on the audio-capable products, but I suggest you check out Avid's web site for the latest information.

The Brughetti Corporation

SLICE transition maker is a visual-based short and long format software editing system. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of network and cable broadcasting.

Comunicacion Integral

Jaleo Video and Audio Editing System 

Visual Synthesis, Inc.

Audio Architect
Audio Architect is an advanced toolkit that provides high-level audio processing to any new or existing application. Both data sonification and simple spatialization capabilities are available to the developer. Audio Architect utilizes the SGI Audio Library providing a solid, integrated foundation for real-time audio development. Audio Architect is designed for those developers that want primarily sonification capability. It is compatible with any development environment including, but not limited to C, C++, Fortran, Performer. Developers of financial applications, virtual environments prototypes, architectural walk-throughs, data support models, medical analysis, general research, entertainment applications, digital media and training materials use Audio Architect. Audio Architect prototypes for the Audio ImageTM SoundCubeTM and Sonic Architect, 3-D spatialization systems. Audio Architect is available on any system that has native audio hardware including ASO and the Vigra MMI-110 board.
Sonic Architect
Sonic Architect is an advanced toolkit that provides high-level audio processing to any new or existing application. Both data sonification and advanced spatialization capabilities are available to the developer. Sonic Architect utilizes the native audio capability on the host, providing a software only solution for real-time audio development. It is compatible with any development environment including, but not limited to C, C++, Fortran, Performer. Developers of virtual environments, real-time simulations, architectural walk- throughs, various driving simulators, medical research, entertainment applications, digital media and training materials use Audio Architect. Sonic Architect prototypes for the Audio ImageTM SoundCubeTM, a 3-D spatialization system that utilizes external audio-dedicated processors. Sonic Architect is available on any system that has native audio hardware, including ASO and the Vigra MMI-110 board.
The Kittyhawk Interface to MIDI, KIM, is a high-speed VME interface for MIDI devices.
Cynthia Traegar, President & CEO
Visual Synthesis, Inc.
4126 Addison Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
[email protected]

Berkeley Speech Technologies, Inc.

BeSTspeech T-T-S
BeSTspeech T-T-S is text to speech conversion software. It creates computer-synthesized speech output in a wide variety of different languages.
Berkeley Speech Technologies, Inc.
2246 Sixth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
[email protected]


VigraSound is a 6U VME audio board designed specifically for SGI Onyx and Challenge workstations. VigraSound is compatible with SGI's Audio Library and supports the current SGI IRIX operating system version 5.2.
Julie Wix, Sales/Marketing
Vigra - a division of VisiCom Laboratories
6044A Cornerstone Court
San Diego, CA 92121 USA
[email protected]

Artecon, Inc.

Sphinx is a rackmount enclosure for the SGI Indy or Challenge/S.
Artecon, Inc.
P.O. Box 9000
6305 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA 92009-1606
Tel (619) 931-5500 Fax (619) 931-5527

Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Media-based collaboration software, incorporating teleconferencing, shared whiteboards, and shared applications. Note! InPerson is now bundled...