Hints and Tips for Developing Audio Applications

I'm trying to set this up as an archive of resources for SGI audio developers. This is a new thing in this format so it's fairly scant right now. I'd like to add answers to commonly asked development questions, links to example source, etc. Let us know if you've got goodies to share!
How to Become an Official SGI Developer -- The SGI Developer Program entitles you to special technical support, marketing support, and developer discounts.
The SGI FAQ -- A pointer to all the SGI FAQ lists.
The SGI Audio FAQ -- Frequently-Asked Questions about SGI audio.
Source-code goodies for audio on DAT -- nifty little DAT tools
Archer Sully's MIDI Page -- Information about MIDI on SGI machines.

Developer Questions from the Net
Performance Implications of Pointer Aliasing
How to do Mixing
How to Architect Interactive Apps
How to Synchronize Audio and Other Media
Performance Hints for Signal Processing
Dealing with Floating-Point Exceptions (cpirazzi)
Enhancing your Desktop with File-Type Rules
Some Experiments with Fast Oscillators

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