About The Audio Applications List

A brief update on these pages:  Douglas Scott is the new caretaker for the Audio Applications List.  Please send all questions and comments to his email address listed at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

This is a brief list of the announced audio applications of which I am aware. By audio applications, I mean an application which has the communication, translation, synthesis, analysis, or editing of audio as one of its primary functions; the application need not be strictly for audio. Please note that inclusion in this list does not constitute any sort of endorsement or guarantee on my part or the part of SGI.

I have tried to be unbiased and simply describe what I believe each application does. In the cases where an application is described in SGI's Third Party Applications Directory , I have usurped the description from there, removing bias if necessary.

I frequently update the list and add new things, so keep looking! I just started putting  tags on new items, so you can look for those.

New additions to the list include some hopefully useful information about developing audio (& other real-time signal-processing) applications, and a brief summary of SGI audio features.

I need your feedback! Drop me some E-Mail...

...if I have incorrectly described an application.
...if there's a better FTP site for any of the public-domain apps.
...if you know of any cool apps I've missed. I want to get them all in here!
...if you have ideas on how I can make this service better.
...if you have development questions that might be useful to add to the "tips & hints" page
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