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In case others might find them useful, here are the tools we use to generate the SGI FAQs. They're listed more or less in the order in which they're used. If you already produce text FAQs which are HTMLified by the Ohio State server (et al.), skip straight to digest2html and foliate.
Assembles diffs of real FAQs into an RFC1153-like FAQ body, which can be further processed just as if it were a real FAQ.

Compares the current version of a file to an older version and generates a new version with change marks (+ for additions, ! for changes) in the left margin.

Assembles an RFC1153-like FAQ body and auxiliary files (headers, preamble, etc.) into a complete RFC1153 posting, numbers the FAQ entries and builds a table of contents in the preamble.

Removes change marks from the Subject: line of each entry. Trivially short. (This is not the inverse of diff_faq: diff_faq deals with change marks in the left margin, while unmark_faq deals with change marks in the Subject: line.)

Converts an RFC1153 digest to HTML. Can generate one HTML file for each entry or a single HTML file for the entire digest.

Indexes a set of digest2html output and links the members to each other and to the index.

We run these scripts from a Makefile, which is run from another script, post_faq, which is run from cron(1M). If you want that much context you should get the complete SGI FAQ source (1.5M).

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