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Since it's unveiling on August 4th, 1998, I've received numerous emails complimenting on this website. Following are just a few of the comments that I've received about this site.

"I really LOVE your mirror site ! Much faster! Still one of the best SGI related sites!"
Ralf Gauglitz
3D Artworz Industrial Design
"Found your website to be fun and informative. Keep up the good work."
Nick Humphrey

"Great site! Keep up the good work!"
Tony Baldassarre
B&B Solutions Inc. - SGI Seller
"Your site is great! Keep it up!"
Adam Georgas
Geocities SiliconValley/Vista Community Leader
"I like your site, too bad it's at Geocities though. I avoid Geocities because of the sponsorship popup, but I think I'll make an exception for your site."
Andrew D. Sullivan
4th Dimension Productions
"Pretty darn cool! Found a bunch of stuff I hadn't seen before."
Gregg Lukomski
Freelance Illusion 3D Animator
"Thanks for all the info on your website, it is very valuable info for SGI buff's!"
Jim Curry
Old SGI Collector
"Your site is most invaluable - I used it for deciding on what machines to purchase, and use it quite often when I have questions or get stuck somewhere."
LeRoy C. Miller III
SGI User
"This is a very good website. I use it all the time!"
Rafal Kaminski
from Poland
"Cool page! We need more stuff like this."
Greg Douglas
Reputable Systems
"Jodeman's SGI Stuff is a page that is highly recommended by many veteran SGI users."
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