Public Domain Software for the SGI Platform

List of Visited FTP Sites Containing
Public Domain Software for the SGI Platform

The following list was compiled by Bill Henderson of Silicon Graphics. The list consists of known archives that contain Public Domain software for SGI machines that is available via ftp. We are reasonably satisfied the software listed below is "make-able" and "run-able" "as is" on SGI machines with very little or no tweaking necessary. The ftp sites include both source and executables of GL and X-based software, as well as some non-graphical software. Have fun, and if you have any feedback (good or bad) on the list or the software you find in the list we would like to hear about it. Please send your comments to Bill Henderson (

This file contains a list of known archives that contain software for the SGI IRIS machines. All of these machines can be reached via anonymous ftp.

If you have any additions or corrections to this list, please send them to

Revised: Fri Nov 12 7:27:11 EST 1999

Some alternate sources of data

There are many sources of information about public domain software; this being one of many. If you don't find what you need on this web page, please try one of the searchers below:

FTP search

Archie search
		Graphical tree demo
		Interactive Data Language (IDL)
		hppjt (HP PaintJet driver), CurEdit (GL cursor creator)
		Connect4 game source
		elm, gcc, gmake, groff, gzip, libg++, wu-ftpd
		clm (music synthsis), cmn (music notation),
		cm (music composition)
		string - 3d plotting of points for nonlinear time-series analysis
		Tripwire 1.2 (security scanner)
		sr - Source for SR (language for writing concurrent programs),
		vs - extended verification suite
		mtutils - mag tape utilities
		GNU binaries for 5.3
		Feb 1999 Freeware CD
		icop (make computer-generated colors legal in the NTSC
		(or PAL) color systems), gvl (volume renderer, movie viewer),
		movie-tools, wavefront tools and fonts, xmabekas (Motif
		interface to the Abekas A60), vlan (vlan controller),
		xmctek (control panel for the Chromatek 9120),
		xl (control panel for the Kodak XL7700 printer),
		cvp (Kodak SV6510 Color Video Printer driver),
		puff (X software for the partially sighted),
		desi (Image design software used for creating/organizing
		text, images, and colormaps.)
		xmedit (mouse-based editor), xmcolors (color database viewer)
		boxview, fonts, patch, GNU emacs header files, qtest, sgilock,
		tn3270, twilight, info-iris archive, many more
		LPRng distribution (enhanced LPR spooler)
		leafnode - nntp server for modem and ISDN users
		Osh (Operator Shell)
		abuse (cool game)
		xsnow - make your desktop snow
		master (UNIX sys conf tool)
		MixViews 1.06 (graphic-interface soundfile editor/analyzer)
		MixViews 1.06 source
		bombs (game), xpsv
		Image converters
		Forms lib, rgbcolor, scicalc
		klondike (game), midi software, pixtools, webster
		ocean (background program)
		xfishtank, night, twilight
		rcsgdiff, tcpdump-2.2.1.patch, top, amd (automounter daemon),
		batch, SATAN, ntp, troff2html
		trace (traces system calls), wu-ftpd
		xmove (dynamically move an X application between servers)
		etherman, interman, packetman, geotraceman (networking tools)
		hershey-sgi (fonts required for the ether tools)
		glxaux (Tcl bindings for Graphics GL programmers)
		easybase (simple database), igif, memstat, night,
		spectra (apanel replacement), tcpdump, tuner (used w/ radio),
		xntp, turbocal, xview3
		forms (latest version always), gobang (game), itool, matedit,
		moving (demo), scicalc, sphere (demo), rgbcolor (color selector)
		DAP (Digital Audio Processor), xsox
		SATAN executable
		GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program
		htmldoc - converts source into HTML, PostScript, and PDF
		fep (front end processor from comp.sources.unix)
		MPEG audio player
	/pub/graphics (license info for The Minimal Reality Toolkit)
		ispell 3.1
		Networked Mandelbrot generator
		midi file player
		dl (dynamic loader), xv, trace
		Audio Formats doc, radio, tuner, sox
		python 0.9.9 (GL interpreter)
		README.mirrors (US locations of TeX source/binaries)
		TeX source/binaries
		Maelstrom Game
		htmldoc - converts HTML source into PS or PDF.
		Berkeley sendmail 8.8.5 binary
		Motif Tools library
		MBONE Tools: sd, vat, vic, wb
		Cspect (signal analysis pkg), Record (multitrack direct-to-disc
		recorder), EarLab (psychoacoustics package)
		SGI Explorer modules
		SciLab - matlab like matrix language
		CD record program
		Star, the fastest tar archiver
		Periodic Table
		Explorer User Guide
		bz (battlezone)
		bit V1.0
		grok (simple database manager)
		plan-1.3.2.tar.gz (X planner)
		Tela (the TEnsor LAnguage - a numerical computing environ)
		bz, etherview, fsn, klondike, ksh, memstat, space
		forms, matedit, scicalc
		blas, libfft
		irisplot, easybase, geomview, ocean, tocolps, trace, weave,
		wacom (tablet driver)
		geomview (3D Geometry tool)
		mpeg_play source
		mpeg_play binary for SGI
		mov2mpeg (4.0.5 SGI movie file to MPEG converter)
		MET++ (Object-oriented Multimedia Appl Framework)
		chaos (MIDI sequencer), lowcal, rsynth, stalk (network white
		board), klondike, theramouse
		VMD (Visualization of Biomolecular Systems),
		NAMD (a high-performance molecular mechanics program)
		freeze, archie, gnuplot, gcc-2.2.1 binaries, tcsh,
		Ghostview/Ghostscript, xview2, xrolo, xvgr, xgraph, xrn,
		rolodex, whois, less, PINE mail system, tcpdump,
		xgopher, xloadimage, xv, groff, lemacs, lowcal, xgetftp,
		tricklet (SNMP package), ImageMagic, sunclock, mpeg_play,
		space, xmgr, bit, tgif, perl
		GL Toolkit 1.0
		Graphics, Motif, OpenGL tutorials
		directories with many useful X programs
		ImgLab - image processing
		MOLMOL (Molecular graphics)
		CECILIA - musician software
		Network Audio System
		NCSA Polyview 3.0
		NCSA alvis 1.0b - modeling 3D scattered point set
		NCSA minmaxer.v1.04 - optimal triangualtions
		SOCKS (sockets through a firewall)
		Blender - 3D modeling/animation tool
		Netris - freeware tetris
		mc-2.1 (Midnight Commander - Unix file manager)
		lowcal, bombs, gothclock, isovis, xpsv
		klondike, midi, pixtools

		Digital Video Recorder
		Digital Video Workbench
		libaux, libtk, samples		
		OpenGL analysis, widgets
		SGI image specs
		from*, to*, cpprint, enhance, gifpaste, imp, jpaste, psrender
		Jurassic Park posters
		dynadraw, fromsun, tosun, smoke, weave, wacom driver
		tiff source
		zip editor
		Csound, gman, pcnfsd, trace
		GL lander, irisplot, nfswatch, pixtools, plotc, scicalc,
		lock_sgi, tocolps
	/pub/systems/sgi/ mirror
		Sound converters, radio, tracker
		*Tons* of software compiled for the specific OS
		Scientific visualization and animation package
		imp, enhance, from*, to*
		object-oriented API on top of X
		2-D Euclidean geometry demo
		Image browser
		Jurassic Park poster
		InterViews 3.0 release 
		dynadraw, fromsun, tosun, smoke, wacom driver, weave
		TIFF image tools and routines
		ZIP! (text editor)
		mv2mpeg (SGI movie to MPEG converter), pcnfsd binary and
		source, speech, Xspread
		Periodic Table of SGI
		Goodies and bug fixes
		bug fixes for 4.0
		bug fixes for 5.0
		DevDriver, Impact ICO
		Dogfight demo for IRIS 3000's
		math-scientific parallel libraries
		network graphics game
		CD catalog for CDman
		DAT goodies
		facsimile service
		3D File System Navigator
		X-based PostScript previewer
		interactive manual browser
		gifts for the IRIS Inventor
		R4000 BLAS library
		Fast Fourier Transformation
		modem configuration files
		MultiTrack (mod player)
		fast client-server adaption of the find(1)
		astronomical 3-D GL demo
		SGI MOTIF styleguide
		turn newsreader
		simple calendar program
		patches to enhance the VideoFramer ucode
		malloc-debug, whois, pax (POSIX tape archiver), tocolps, timed
		xdbx inst-able binaries
		source code from Pipeline
		Release Notes from 4.0.5
		pcnfsd source
		rpc.rstatd source
		Monsanto NQS, Sheffield NQS (public domain batch system)
		sps (ps replacement)
		strace (system call tracer)
		TeX source/binaries
		Lots of free software
		UC (Unix Cockpit file manager)
		gcc binaries
		jpeg source
		vort (Ray tracer), vogle (3D device independent graphics lib),
		vopl (2D plotting library), vogl (GL subset library),
		hershey (Hershey font library)
		CRISP editor
		UC (Unix Cockpit file manager)
		Official site for ImageMagick with binaries for 5.3 and 6.2
		xmcd 1.2 (Motif CD player), xmcd-cddb (xmcd database)
		Network Audio System 1.2
		Xevil (game), doom for SGI
		XClamation (a Publishing App), XQuad (a spreadsheet)
		spect (real-time audio spectrogram), audio_goodies.txt
		European mirror
		modula-3 compiler, obliq-3D (GL or PEX 3D animation system)
		vort (Ray tracer), vogle (3D device independent graphics lib),
		vopl (2D plotting lib), vogl (SGI GL subset library),
		hershey	(Hershey font lib), glx (replacement functions for
		GL written for X windows)
		FL (GUI toolkit written in C++)
		enhanced lpr
		VIS-5D weather visualization
		VISAD (Visualization for Algorithm Development)
		svlibdemo.tar.Z (Scientific Visualization)
		GRASS Geographic Information System
		Kermit binary for IRIX
		GMT (Generic mapping tool)
		Common Music binaries
		bit V1.0
		XForms (GUI toolkit)
		DAP (Digital Audio Processor), xsox
		Java compiler
		SPHINX 3.5 (image processing and analysis package-test version)
		SpeakFreely, ipmcast, mbone, midia, xnetview
		Cscope, forms, gcc, g++, perl, tcl, tk, xforms
		FreeWare CD
		gimp, image_magick, netpbm+, xfig, xpaint
		jpeg, png, tiff, xpm
		LLNLtools, fortune, hp48, ircII, samba, xmgr, ytalk
		pkzip, popclient
		pgp, skey, ssh
		ghostsoft, groff, turn
		MR Toolkit (virtual reality) licensing info
		Objective-C to SGI C translator
		pxtools (image conv. tools)
		BLAST program source (protein or DNA sequence query tool)
		Oberon (programming language)
		ceres (frequency-domain sound editor), macsound2sgi,
		sound utilities, mix (audio mixer)
		pilot-link (software to HotSync PalmPilot to SGI)
		nv-3.3 (Network Video for Irix5)
		analysis and edit program for MPEG-1 video files
		u++ (Micro C++ 4.5)
		FAQ for SGI
		FAQ for SGI
		FAQ for SGI
		blix (game from IndiZone CD) with latest bugfixes
		cap 6.0, MH 6.7.2, xmh, tn3270, arena++, fft, mpeg, x3270, xv
		SGI EXPO tutorials
		nn-nntpd, xntp, emacs19.30, gzip, perl5
		many patches for all OSes
		Xmosaic binaries
		white paper on Texture Mapping
		Iris-On-Line archive
		aub (assemble USENET binaries)
		Developers program survey
		opengl.tar (code examples)
		isfast (performance database), libtk (minimal example toolkit),
		libaux (more minimal toolkit to be used for teaching),
		samples (Example programs), toogl (A program to help translate
		some irisgl calls into their equivalent Opengl calls),
		xglinfo (A program for printing attributes of x visuals)
		analysis (Pex to Opengl comparison), gl (man pages for OpenGL),
		glu (man pages for the GLU), glx (man pages for GLX)
		GL Utilities Toolkit
		Sample source code
		Performer docs including SIGGRAPH '94 paper
		Info, Q&A, etc
		Raw archives (monthly) from mailing list
		Goodies from SGI's RealityCentre in the UK
		Security Advisories
		Pipeline, Release Notes
		DIVE (Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment system)
		licensing info
		rgbv (RGB file viewer), tcsh, gunzip, fromtiff
		TeX source/binaries
		shorten (lossless compression for audio files)
		rsynth (speech synthesis)
		cmenu, emacs, epoch (emacs with X extensions)
		SGI explorer modules (mirror of
		from*, to*, cpprint, imtools
		fbm, pbmplus, pixtools, tiff, urt
		gifpaste, gifview, igif, tiffgt, xv
		gadget, GRAFIC, libblas, PLOT10, psgl, vogl, vogle,
		vopl, xview, xmt-2.0 (needed for ESP Print)
		XV11R4 distribution
		FORMS software and doc
		Source code from Graphics Gems
		pcnfsd for 5.X
		ESP Print (printer software for Impressario(tm) 2.1.1)
		awf, des, forchek, genmake, ghostscript, hpgl2ps, mh,
		plotxy, pstoepsi, rayshade, sc, vort, spectra
		CteditMenu, GL_lander, Irisplot, PeriodicTable, bacpaste, draw,
		fax, gman, imp, isolev, itool, matedit, plot3d,
		rgbcolor, sgilock, spaceball
		3DPlot, Contour, NetMandel, xfig, xmahjongg, xterm_color,
		xtetris, grok (simple database manager), plan (schedule
		liblug (Graphics Utils Lib), tovcr (writes images to vcr)
		Mpeg audio software
		SPM (System for Password Management)
		sysinfo - system information
		suit (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
		Face It (face recognition sw)
		archived IRIS-On-Line newsletter
		comp.sys.sgi.* FAQs
		3rd party data, product info, misc SGI hardware info
		3rd party lists, anonymous ftp list, user groups
		an lp interface to CAP 6.0
		sample crontab entries
		core file report generator
		example code for programmed micro-second timing
		tips on making bootable tapes
		FAQ for the SGI version of the popular game Doom
		read EFS CDs on non-SGI systems
		keyboard patches/maps for emacs on SGI systems
		versions of type1 fonts in Showcase
		notes for sharing COMMON blocks
		shell script for creating anonymous ftp account
		file type rules for the Indgio Magic interface
		groff build hints (obsolete?)
		notes for 'special' IRIX installs, swap space, etc.
		PS doc: using the Image Library
		HP LaserJet printer driver
		lp-lpr reports & wrappers
		security patches for IRIX 'lpr'
		printing to Mac printers
		mail errors summary, zmailer v. mediamail comparison
		MH configuration & build help
		NEdit 2.0 patches for IRIX 5.2
		IRIX 5.2 patch for NFS bug
		NURBS tutorial src
		pcnfsd binary & src for IRIX 5.X
		missing prototypes
		security patches for 'sgihelp'
		SLIP and PPP setup instructions
		notes for compiling tcsh-6.05 under IRIX
		touchtone dialing software
		'trace' for IRIX (obsolete?)
		MOD player for SGIs
		fixes for dangling /etc/utmp entries
		VLAN software ommitted from VideoLab 1.1 & 1.2 media
		xdbx patch for SGIs
		notes on compiling Xview under IRIX 5.2
		security patch for 4.0.5 xterm
		sendmail replacement w/fixes
		zsh binary for IRIX4
		mplan (plant layout design and walkthrough package)
		AnimatedTexture - texture map animations in Open Inventor
		cfortran (C/FORTRAN interface)

World Wide Web Sites: The Unofficial AVID Media Illusion Resource Guide NEX - real-time audio input & output CCF - Collaborative Computing Frameworks (an integrated environment supporting shared X applications, etc) CHARM++ - parallel extension to C++ Connect4 game Run enhance (RGB file enhancer) interactively SGI Freeware BladeEnc - MP3 encoder Samba - serves IRIX data to windowsNT client Freeware CD MicroEmacs Swirly screen saver Share - multi-server multi-user VR system PMan - project manager top 3.4, berkeley db 1.85 and 1.86, strace 3.1 gcc (self contained distribution, no need for IDO), gcc 2.8.1, xemacs 19.14 (installation is OS/patch insensitive) Official site of this list Man Page Database Audio applications bzflag game Quake How to build gcc under IRIX 6.x GLUT - GL toolkit PalmPilot hotsync software for SGI CDR burner Post of well known apps to IRIX Quake for SGI Tardist images for 5.3 blix game SGI Technical advice i3d - High-Speed 3D Web browser (uses MCO) two fractal movies Java front-end to cdrecord for burning CDs Face recognition software Cosmo Player VRML 2.0 Agile Image Editor - application for assembling large geospatial images 3D Mines game Small PPP - PPP config GUI Rosegarden - integrated musical notation editor GRASS Geographic Information System NSDB - WWW-based authenticating software distribution system SGI and other binaries Portable Object Compiler userv - facility to allow one program to invoke another when only limited trust exists between them. fltk - Fast Light Tool Kit - C++ user interface toolkit University of FL software Depot for IRIX - tons of software Silicon Graphics User Groups SGI Meta Page MIDI services A mod/s3m/xm/etc player FL (C++ freeware GUI toolkit for X and OpenGL) SGI FAQs XStella - Atari 2600 Emulator CLR software AC3D - popular 3D modeller Cow House Productions. VRML Models, Inventor to Rayshade file translator. I3D - 3D Scene Viewer SR Programming Language Homepage Visualization Toolkit (VTK) scalable, and memory-efficient replacement for malloc Condor - a software system that runs on a cluster of workstations to harness wasted CPU cycles. SGI Meta Page in French Maelstrom Web Page SGI Meta Page in English AnimatedTexture2 - texture map animations onto objects in Open Inventor Common UNIX printing system SGI Informational pages Maelstrom Web page MPU - a multi-pipe programming interface for OpenGL ESP Print software GIMP - Image Manipulation Program HTMLDOC - source to HTML Microvision software info NOMAD - "No More Advertising". VCR app that deletes commercials ClibPDF - create PDF files in C Free textures Geomview home page GIMP: the General Image Manipulation Program Detailed FLEXlm(tm) information Shades of Reality - Cool 3D images mpg123 - MPEG audio player HyCD - CDR writer s/w "Hints, How-To's, and Patches" Interactive Effects Inc. 3D Paint Animation Midi Sequencer, Klondike card game, lowcal and other cool stuff Mediascape - videoserver and videoclient CDR utilities FreeWalk - 3D community Across Lite - Crossword puzzle program - NY Times uses this. LLNL Xftp Personal site with lots of software including the freeware CD ImgLab - Image processing SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy xaudio - MPEG 3 player MpegTV - realtime software MPEG Video Player Visualization packages Center for Visual Creation, a SGI Training Center Princeton Sound Kitchen - lots of sound apps CECILIA - musicians software blender - 3D design and animation software CoolEdit - text editor for X windows Announce - announces incoming mail MPEG players Mix (multitrack audio) home page Sharity-Light - Mount your Windows network shares on Unix! ObjectManual - Auto C++ to HTML VNC - Virtual Network Computing - remote display system XZX - Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48/128/+3 emulator Xanim home page Pixcon - a set of 3D animation and rendering tools National Pixel Products RealAudio player for IRIX RealAudio encoder for IRIX Silicon Surf Java Development Kit Paul Haeberli's graphics notes NQE and DMF SGI's freeware site Setting up a POP server and PPP Quake Generic NQS info Berkeley Database 2.x (for IRIX 5.3 and 6.x) Vis5D home page Silicon Studio Port of the Linux User Level NFS server, rumba for 6.3, PStill - PostScript to PDF converter Razor - Integrated release management, problem tracking. Qt - framework for developing GUI apps SpaceThing - multiplayer 3D space combat game SciTeXt - wordprocessor for UN|X Systems Unix Cockpit 2.0 binaries for 5.3 and 6.2 3rd party hardware suppliers Flock of Birds driver Quake Utils for SGI Quake Unofficial Lightwave SGI Resource Guide automatic C++ to Scheme interface generator Doom wadfile to Open Inventor converter Doom wadfile interactive viewer Scheme interface to Open Inventor classes ImageMagick homepage Violent game HolliDance - simple dance program
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