All about the SGI FAQs

The Silicon Graphics Frequently Asked Questions lists, a.k.a. the SGI FAQs, are a collection of questions often asked in the comp.sys.sgi.* Usenet newsgroups, with answers. They try to be a useful reference for experienced SGI users as well as to reduce Frequently Asked Questions from novices.

Here are the SGI FAQs in several flavors. Pick your favorite:

The SGI FAQs are posted to comp.sys.sgi.misc on the 6th and 20th of each month. The SGI area of the Viz Lab's anonymous FTP site includes the FAQs themselves as well as many of the files referenced by the FAQs and other SGI-related gleanings from Usenet. (Unfortunately, at this writing rejects FTP connections from Netscape. Use 'ftp', Mosaic or lynx.) The SGI FAQs are also automatically archived, as are most FAQs, at and its mirrors and at several places on the World Wide Web.

The SGI misc(ellaneous) FAQ (not this page!) is the primary source of information about the FAQs themselves, as well as a helpful reference on the comp.sys.sgi.* Usenet newsgroups, the corresponding mailing lists and other networked resources for SGI users.

The SGI FAQs are maintained by the SGI FAQ group. You can reach us at Although we're always looking for comments on the FAQs, please remember that we're not a help line. We used to send this form letter to people who asked inappropriate questions, but these days we just ignore them.

Maintainers of other FAQs may be interested in the tools we use.

The SGI FAQs are generously hosted by the Viz Lab in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University.

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