The Lurker's Guide to Video

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Chris Pirazzi

Welcome to the Lurker's Guide, a repository for the little-known, undocumented knowledge that you need in order to write any sort of video app on SGI machines. This Guide is not for the squeamish. Some of the material contained in here may be too graphic, or possibly even too useful, for the average educated computer science professional. We hear that some of this information might even survive the PSFP (Positive Spin Filtration Process) and make it into official documentation.

This collection of documents does not represent SGI, and is not an official SGI publication. The entire contents of this document are the personal observations, and/or opinions, of the lurkers. All errors and opinions in it are ours alone. SGI makes no guarantees about anything in this document. Neither do the lurkers. You use it at your own risk.

Places to read the Lurker's Guide:

Video on SGI and in General: Concepts, Definitions and Parameters

Tips for Writing SGI Video Applications

SGI Video Devices

Video and OpenGL on O2

Time and Synchronization on SGI Machines

Case Study: Uncompressed Video Disk I/O

Hints for Direct Sony-Style RS-422 Deck Control

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