Silicon Graphics FAQs and Guides

Silicon Graphics FAQs
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Our collection of links to FAQs and other useful sources of SGI info. If there are some you think we’ve missed, or else you have something you want referenced/mirrored, then please get in touch.

Note: Reality is back! Check out Also note that also works again. If you’ve ever used Reality, consider using the PayPal link to help keep it going. Go on – what’s $20? Really?

  • The SGI FAQs were at

    This site now appears to be dead, so check the local mirrors at

  • Ian Mapleson’s excellent SGI Tech pages – the place to go for SGI information.

    Ian has performance and model information for pretty much anything MIPS-based that SGI have produced. Lots of information comparing different systems, performance information, and old SGI press releases – you must have a look through here before you buy an SGI machine.

  • Christopher Spry’s excellent SGI Indy/IRIX administration pages can be found at

    A local mirror is available here

  • Scott Henry maintains a very useful page covering how to install and configure PPP under IRIX. It used to be found on Reality at

    A local mirror can be found here

  • Douglas Scott’s SGI Audio Apps page used to be found at

    A local mirror can be found here

  • Swift Grigg’s Indy ISDN FAQ can be found at

  • Reputable Systems has the excellent IndyTech pages, which have a very thorough summary of the SGI Indy.

  • Jodeman’s SGI Stuff pages have been rescued by B&B Solutions, at

    A local mirror can be found here

  • Chris Pirazzi’s The Lurker’s Guide to Video can be found at

    A local mirror can be found here

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