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Legacy Products
Here you will find information and support related links for products that are no longer manufactured or sold by SGI. For information on current hardware and software from SGI, visit the Products site.

Select one of the following legacy product categories for more information:

Intel Pentium III Logo Intel® Based Systems
  • Silicon Graphics® 230
  • Silicon Graphics® 330
  • Silicon Graphics® 550
  • Silicon Graphics® 750
  • Silicon Graphics Zx10™
  • Silicon Graphics Zx10™ VE
  • SGI Internet Server™
  • SGI Zx10™ Server
  • Silicon Graphics® 320
  • Silicon Graphics® 540
  • SGI® 1100
  • SGI® 1200
  • SGI® 1400
  • SGI® 1450
  • SGI Internet Server™ for E-commerce
  • SGI Internet Server™ for Messaging
  • MIPS Logo MIPS® Based Systems
  • Challenge®
  • Indigo2 Impact™ 10000
  • Indy®
  • IRIS Indigo®
  • Silicon Graphics® O2®
  • Silicon Graphics® Onyx®
  • Silicon Graphics 1600SW Displays
  • Silicon Graphics® 1600SW
  • Silicon Graphics MultiLink™ Adapter
  • Silicon Graphics® F180
  • Silicon Graphics 1600SW Vizualization Systems
  • SGI® Reality Center® 3300W
  • SGI Graphics Cluster™

  • Need support for a legacy product?
    Online Support
    Information on available support online

    Supportfolio, the premier online customer support from SGI, features patches, technical support, and service-call logging and tracking.

    Technical Publications Library
    Documentation on hardware and all operating systems supported by SGI.

    Visualization Anywhere - Universal Access to Advanced Visualization

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