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Silicon Graphics 1600sw
Miscellaneous Questions

Are there touch screen and protective screen versions of SGI flat panel displays?
At this moment we are not offering touchscreen and protective screen as standard options.

Is there a ruggedized version of the 1600SW available?
The Silicon Graphics 1600SW flat panel display is at least as rugged as CRTs and is much better for a small environment due to its shallow depth and 8-lb wall-mounting weight (16 lb with stand). For severe environments, a ruggedized version of the 1600SW is available through RSI-CRI, an SGI provider from Austin, Texas. For information on pricing or availability, please see the RSI-CRI Web site.

Where may I buy a protective case for my 1600SW?
We buy all of our protective travel cases from Stephen Gould Corporation. You may reach them at (510) 770-3500. They are located in Fremont, CA.

Are SGI warranties transferable?
SGI warranties are not transferable. If you wish to purchase a service contract to establish coverage for a unit purchased from other than an SGI authorized dealer, please contact SGI at (800) 800-4744 in the U.S., and follow the prompts for contracts.

Is there a switchbox available for the 1600SW display?
Yes, Dr. Bott recently introduced an LVDS switchbox that enables users to share the 1600SW flat panel display and USB peripherals between up to four computers. For information and product specifications, visit Dr Bott's website.



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