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Silicon Graphics 1600sw
Technical Questions

What is the pixel response time of the 1600SW?
The total rise/fall time of the 1600SW pixels is 40 ms. Rise time is 13 ms and fall time is 27 ms.

What are the vertical and horizontal frequencies?
The vertical frequency is 60 Hz. The horizontal frequency is 63.84 kHz.

What is the pixel frequency?
The pixel frequency clock rate is 53.5 MHz.

How long is the monitor cable?
The monitor cable is a 3-meter flex cable.

Can I use an extension cable on my monitor's video cable?
A company called UltraFlex makes LVDS extension cables for the Silicon Graphics 1600SW in various lengths. For information on these products, email This company is not affiliated with SGI.

Is the 1600SW capable of stereoscopy?
No. The 1600SW flat panel display is currently not capable of stereoview, although it is planned for future products.

Will the SGI ColorLock device work on other platforms besides SGI workstations?
ColorLock has not yet been implemented on platforms other than the 320/540 and O2® workstations. Stay tuned for more developments with ColorLock in the future.

Is there a switchbox available for the 1600SW so that I can connect it to two different computers?
Yes, there is. It is available from This company is not affiliated with SGI.

What other mounting options are there for the 1600SW?
We suggest that you check out Ergotron products.

I have an Ergotron Arm but the mounting screws are too short. What do I do?
We recommend using M4 20 mm long screws when mounting the 1600SW to Ergotron arm or wall mounting equipment. These can be obtained from your local hardware store.

Will the 1600SW support pivot or portrait mode?
Yes, the 1600SW supports pivot/portrait mode with the addition of an Ergotron mounting arm and Portrait Display's Pivot software. For more information, refer to:

Is there a "zoom" feature?
Presumably, one would want a "zoom" feature in order to see small text and icons. Your best bet is to adjust text and icon sizes using the "Appearances" tab in the desktop properties.

My fonts and icons are too small. How may I adjust this?
For Windows 95/98/Windows NT users, right-click your desktop, choose the properties item, and click on the "Appearances" tab. You can adjust all aspects of the desktop there. This may make reading text and seeing icons a little easier for those who have trouble with the extremely high resolution of the 1600SW.



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