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Silicon Graphics 1600sw
Video, DVD, and Games

Can I display video on my 1600SW?
Yes. One of the compelling features of the 1600SW flat panel display is its fast pixel response, making it ideal for showing off video and animation.

With alternate video display options such as the MultiLink Adapter, 1600SW owners can take full advantage of today's hottest and fastest video accelerators for watching full motion video on their flat panel displays. Simply add the accelerator of your choice to your system, connect the MultiLink Adapter to either the analog or the digital port (if included) of your video card, and begin watching video!

Hardware and software requirements include (in addition to a functioning system):

  1. 1600SW flat panel display
  2. MultiLink
  3. Accelerated video display card, capable of decoding MPEG2 data, or a hardware MPEG2 decoder card such as the Sigma Designs Hollywood Plus
  4. DVD playback software
Please note that unless your video card is SuperWide savvy, you will be unable to view your video at the full 1600x1024 resolution. Link to a complete list of SuperWide Savvy cards and drivers.

Can I view DVDs on my 1600SW?
Yes! Using the MultiLink Adapter, users will be able to view DVDs with the hardware MPEG2 decoder of their choice. Results are best with SuperWide Savvy cards. With MultiLink, DVD playback can be fast, smooth, and full screen, on just about any computing platform.

Standard PC Using the Number Nine Card The Number Nine Revolution® IV-FP does not support hardware MPEG2 decoding for DVD playback. We suggest using a software DVD player, such as Zoran SoftDVD. Other software packages are available from Xing (Playback DVD) and Cyberlink (PowerDVD).

Will the Apple DVD player work with my 1600SW?
Yes, if you have a MultiLink Adapter. The Apple DVD player software requires the presence of the ATI Rage 128 video card that currently ships with G3s and G4s, although playback itself is done entirely in software.

The Formac ProFormance 3 card does not offer hardware decoding, but will play back DVDs if a software decoder is used. Please contact Formac for further information.

Can I play games on my 1600SW?
Absolutely! Keep in mind that most games are not programmed to take advantage of the monitor's SuperWide aspect ratio. Expect to see games played in full motion with rich color, but with a letter-box effect with black strips placed at each side of the screen. Some flat panels will show motion blurring and image ghosting, but not the 1600SW! Its fast pixel response time keeps those image defects from happening.

Can I watch HDTV on my 1600SW?
While the 1600SW supports 720p/i video resolution sizes, the panel does not have the necessary integrated hardware to decode HD signals. This support is provided via the MultiLink adapter box. Using an RGB converter box, such as those available from Aja Video, with MultiLink will allow users to view 720p video streams on the 1600SW.



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