Behavioral Scientists to Create First Research-Quality Simulated Human Face With Silicon Graphics Onyx4 Visualization System

Silicon Graphics News
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With a wink of the eye or an arch of the eyebrow, what is that intriguing stranger telling you? Silicon Graphics (NYSE: SGI) today announced that through the use of its advanced visualization technology, the answers to these and other questions of non-verbal communications may be uncovered with unusual precision by Ontario, Canada-based researchers at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, in collaboration with the University of Toronto and Queens University. Using a Silicon Graphics(R) Onyx4(TM) UltimateVision(TM) system, these scientists are in the process of creating the first research-quality simulated human face, whose features can be controlled by a mouse right down to a Mona Lisa smile. The project will help isolate facial patterns humans routinely use to communicate, and do so with more scientific rigor than any real human being could muster.

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