da Vinci & SGI Team Up To Deliver Real-Time Results With Resolve Mastering Suite & CXFS Shared Filesystem

Silicon Graphics News
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da Vinci and SGI have completed qualification testing of SGI InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS on a SAN (storage area network) with da Vinci Systems’ Resolve digital mastering suite.
Resolve is da Vinci’s digital mastering suite, featuring da Vinci’s Emmy Award-winning image enhancement expertise and familiar interface packaged with nonlinear conforming tools.
Designed to process extremely large files such as those used in DI processes, Resolve delivers exceptional workflow flexibility and performance fully realized with a high-performance network. The recently completed testing shows that SGI CXFS filesystem delivers the performance benchmarks to confirm that Resolve is able to run two streams of 2K data simultaneously in real time over a SAN using CXFS. SANs can be configured with CXFS to provide enough bandwidth to satisfy the needs of multiple Resolve systems as well as other editing, compositing, and creative tools in a facility.

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