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This section of the site contains an overview of various machines produced by SGI. There are also links to other sites that have more detailed information about each machine.

For a complete overview of the entire Silicon Graphics product line, up to early O2s, you want to look at the Model Overview page.

At the moment there are summaries/tech info for:

You should also look at Ian Mapleson’s SGI Tech pages for lots more information – especially for performance comparisons between different models.

Ian not only has an excellent Indy buyer’s guide, but also one for the Indigo2 – required reading if you’re looking at one of those machines. Word is some of Ian’s CFT is taken up with an Octane buyer’s guide too ….

SGI’s legacy product page for earlier MIPs machines can be found at

If you have any extra information about the machines listed here, would like to see a summary for particular SGI machine, or have spotted any errors, please get in touch.

You might also want to look at the Periodic Tables for an idea of how various machines fit to SGI’s product lineup.

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