How to scale a Terabyte in-memory database?


McObject are one of those database vendors who you don’t normally hear of, but who are really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with your data.

Their product, extremeDB-64, is written to take advantage of large memory systems by pegging the entire dataset in physical RAM. The advantages are pretty obvious – as are the downsides as well. The McObject guys have really thought about the problems, though, and extremeDB-64 is an impressive database solution.

What’s more impressive is McObject’s recent benchmark and scalability testing, where they test a 1.17 Terabyte, 15.54 billion row in-memory database on a 160-core SGI Altix 4700 server. They measured transaction throughput of up to 87.78 million query transactions per second, which is the sort of uber data-warehousing capability I know a number of businesses would love to get their hands on.

The benchmark white paper is available as a free download – head on over to this page to enter your details.

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