McLaren and SGI team up

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The West McLaren Mercedes Formula One team is pleased to announce a new Official Supplier, Silicon Graphics (SGI), for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) supercomputing, storage and visualisation equipment.
The SGI Altix solution will enable the aerodynamics team to model the West McLaren Mercedes Formula One cars — capturing data that will allow them to review and improve the airflow movement around the car by making design adjustments to car shape, with the aim of gaining the all important, faster lap times.
SGI PRISM will load the ‘jobs’ which the engineers are running, they are then scheduled onto the SGI Altix and results are displayed back to the PRISM for display and review. The file sharing capability of SGI’s CXFS (shared file system) across a Visual Area Network (VAN), enables all the McLaren engineers to access the files 24/7 with no files being moved across the network — thereby optimizing workflow and engineer productivity.

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