Navy Enlists SGI Gear in Tsunami Relief Work

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No technology accepted by the scientific community today can accurately forecast underwater earthquakes and the ensuing disasters they can cause. However, supercomputing and storage systems are being put to use to assist in the repair of damage done by the recent catastrophic tsunami in Asia, by processing air- and sea-condition models……….
FNMOC began using SGI servers, supercomputers and storage technology in 2001. Today, the network includes two Origin 3800 machines, two Origin 3900s and two 12-processor Origin systems, which are clustered because the center’s work is continuous and the output of one job often contributes to the input of the next, Clancy said. The systems are connected through SGI’s shared-file system, called InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS, which permits data to be passed among operating systems without any replicating.

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