NRL Selects SGI Systems for Advanced Warfighter Project

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The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, D.C., a DoD scientific research lab, has selected SGI Altix servers and SGI InfiniteStorage solutions to help demonstrate the military utility of a scalable, rapid and secure integrated capability to retrieve, store and share massive amounts of information effectively between global users……..
One of NRL’s missions is the development of new techniques, algorithms, and methodologies to cope with the very large datasets that are being created by the joint warfighter community. To help support the LD JCTD initiative, NRL has purchased a broad range of SGI high-performance computing systems, including Linux-based servers and clusters. The lab has installed the new SGI Altix XE line of x86-64 based servers and clusters running dual-core Intel Xeon processors, and the dual-core SGI Altix 450 and 4700 blade servers running the latest Intel Itanium 2 processors.

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