SGI Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2007 Results

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Fiscal Year 2007 Highlights
Overall in fiscal 2007, SGI:

— Grew its Core Products business by 27% over 2006, refreshing every
compute and storage product and introducing a new Xeon(R)-based cluster
product line that is achieving strong market penetration
— Delivered and gained acceptance on, among others, a 2,560 processor
supercomputer at the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center and a
9,728 processor system at Leibniz Computing Centre (LRZ), one of the
world’s most powerful computers, demonstrating that SGI remains the
leader in solving the toughest scientific computing challenges
— Ended the year in a strong financial position and narrowed its net
operating loss to the lowest level in many years, establishing a
foundation upon which it will build for the future
— Began the transition to a growth mode, including bringing on industry
leader Robert H. (Bo) Ewald as CEO


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