SGI first off the blocks to offer support for Verari customers

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Verari, makers of large scale, energy efficient blade systems, appear to have either gone into administration, or a very involved re-organisation. With key figures leaving the company, including co-founder and CTO Dave Driggers, there’s a lot of uncertainty floating about as to what will happen to customers with support agreements in place.

SGI have been the first to announced that they will happily cover Verari customer’s support deals – from the press release:

In an effort to provide Verari customers confidence in their business continuity and an ability to map their technology futures, SGI is now adding Verari Systems to our multi-vendor service offerings for both Customer Service and Professional Service,” said David Yoffie, senior vice president of services at SGI. “Verari global customers will now benefit from our worldwide service infrastructure and our experience supporting existing Verari customers in Europe. Customers will be able to work with SGI to define custom support solutions that address their specific needs.

Back in 2008 Verari did a deal with SGI, allowing SGI to provide support to Verari customers throughout the EMEA region. Looks like with the current uncertainty around the company, SGI are nicely positioned to step in and take over all support commitments.

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