Buying Silicon Graphics hardware

Silicon Graphics FAQs

This is a (by no means comprehensive) list of vendors for 2nd hand SGI kit. Many of them I’ve used myself.

UK based vendors

  • Ian Mapleson’s SGI Depot

    Ian has refreshed his site, and has a lot of good stuff for sale. I can recommend his CD sets and OS installs – he knows what he’s doing, and you end up with a very usable machine.

  • SGD Systems

    Check out their clearance offers. They also tend to have a good stock of older parts.

  • Rapid Technology Partners

    I bought a load of Indys from them when Ian Mapleson was helping them clear a large amount of stock. Worth talking to – they have some good deals.

  • SGI Warehouse

    I haven’t dealt with Neil Stevenson, but Ian had some systems listed and the prices seem good.

  • 13W3

    I’ve dealt with Ian before – good prices, and he usually has some goodies in the software section.

  • Cordnet

    Their website tends to be a bit out of date, but Cordnet have some good deals, and a large stocklist. Well worth giving them a call to see if they have what you need in stock.

  • Danic Ltd.

    Danic have some good stock and fairly keen prices – worth calling, as not all their stock list is online.

  • AM IT Solutions

    Formed by one of the chaps from RTP. Their website doesn’t have much stock listed, but they do good deals on older kit. Worth calling.

International vendors

  • Reputable Systems

    Greg Douglas has excellent prices and is a great guy to deal with. Get one of his LED light bars for your Octane!

  • Mini Computer Exchange

    MCE have a good range of stuff, and quick international shipping.

  • B & B Solutions Inc.

    Based in Canada, they have some insane deals. Good guys to deal with

  • SGI Remarketed Products

    Refurbished and off-lease kit direct from SGI.

  • Mashek Systems

    Haven’t dealt with him, but his prices can be good. Usually has a good stock of VW 320s.

  • XS International

    I’ve heard good things about them, and they seem to have a good list of parts and systems.

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