The SGI/Rackable deal is completed

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The latest on SGI and Rackable has come through via a press release from … SGI. Yes, as I speculated when the deal was first announced () Rackable are following Tera’s lead (when Tera bought the bones of Cray from Silicon Graphics) and have rebranded, keeping the familiar SGI name.

The headline news is that the XE products will be merged with Rackable’s existing x86 clusters (which was their core competency) and sold under the Rackable brand.

Existing high end techologies – like Altix, VUE, ICE, Infinite Storage etc. – will remain. The company is also positioning itself as a ‘solutions provider’ – moving away from just selling tin, which should hopefully push sales, growth, and revenue.

At the moment, the main SGI site redirects to Rackable’s website, although things like Techpubs are still live and reachable. Customers should be re-assured that the product lines will continue with renewed vigour – how this affects the hobbyist community, independent consultancies, and IRIX users remains to be seen.

You can read the full press release here.

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