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More SGI Info

This is a list of other SGI related sites not covered elsewhere. All highly recommended – visit them all!

  • Gerhard Lenerz’s SGI pages

    Gerhard has a tonne of information on his site – pictures, specs., model summaries – well worth a look.

  • IrisIndigo

    Lots of useful info about the Indigo. I have a soft spot for these – they were the first SGI machine I ever saw and used. Still an impressive piece of kit.

  • Mood Indigo forums

    Some very active German SGI forums. Obviously you need to be able to read German :-) or if you’re adventurous you could try the Babelfish.

  • The SGI Zone

    Lots of useful tips and info, covering mostly Indigo2 and older kit

  • Useful IRIX software

    Andreas Backhaus has compiled an excellent list of useful software that’ll work on IRIX. Some good audio and graphics tools. here.

  • Marcus Herbert’s IRIX archive

    Marcus has an excellent archive of IRIX software. There’s all sorts of pre-compiled goodness here.

  • Nekochan.net

    Not only is Pete’s site visually stunning, he also has lots of goodies on there. I can highly recommend having a look through his Gallery, at the very least.

  • MicroCosmos

    James Holden’s new SGI related site. News, reviews – check out the File Typing Rules tutorial!

  • The SGI Addict – dead :-( – was http://www.sgiaddict.net

    Nice looking site with a good load of information, tips, and pictures.

  • Skywriter’s Big Old Nasty SGI Page

    There’s something lurking in his basement ….

  • Never Beige – dead :-( – was http://www.orcawerks.com/sgi/

    Some very useful O2 info and images, as well as some good non-SGI stuff.

  • Jodeman’s SGI & Stuff pages

    I don’t think these have been updated for a while, but a good load of links, info and images for Octane and older kit.

  • Marcus Herbert’s web site

    This is the place to look for images of SGI and SGI-related kit. If it’s rare or bizarre Marcus will have a picture of it.

  • Basquiat’s IRIX screenshots

    Some good images showing what you can do with Indigo Magic.

  • Alex’s SGI pages
    Excellent model summaries, and a wealth of information. Very good stuff.

  • Impact’s SGI Site
    Some good guides and nice pictures in the gallery.

  • Simon Pigot’s SGI pages
    Lots of Crimson and Power Series information.

  • Al Corda’s This Old SGI site
    Buckets of information on older machines like the 4D series, Personal IRIS, etc.

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