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Silicon Graphics FAQs

This is a collection of sites that I’ve found too useful to risk losing – hence they’ve been mirrored locally.

Reality is back as http://reality.sgiweb.org. However, not all the old Reality content is live yet. Please give them a donation to keep them going!

If there is extra information you think should be mirrored, or you have content you’d like mirrored, please get in touch.

At the moment, the current information is mirrored here:


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Other Sites

More SGI Info

This is a list of other SGI related sites not covered elsewhere. All highly recommended – visit them all!

  • Gerhard Lenerz’s SGI pages

    Gerhard has a tonne of information on his site – pictures, specs., model summaries – well worth a look.

  • IrisIndigo

    Lots of useful info about the Indigo. I have a soft spot for these – they were the first SGI machine I ever saw and used. Still an impressive piece of kit.

  • Mood Indigo forums

    Some very active German SGI forums. Obviously you need to be able to read German :-) or if you’re adventurous you could try the Babelfish.

  • The SGI Zone

    Lots of useful tips and info, covering mostly Indigo2 and older kit

  • Useful IRIX software

    Andreas Backhaus has compiled an excellent list of useful software that’ll work on IRIX. Some good audio and graphics tools. here.

  • Marcus Herbert’s IRIX archive

    Marcus has an excellent archive of IRIX software. There’s all sorts of pre-compiled goodness here.

  • Nekochan.net

    Not only is Pete’s site visually stunning, he also has lots of goodies on there. I can highly recommend having a look through his Gallery, at the very least.

  • MicroCosmos

    James Holden’s new SGI related site. News, reviews – check out the File Typing Rules tutorial!

  • The SGI Addict – dead :-( – was http://www.sgiaddict.net

    Nice looking site with a good load of information, tips, and pictures.

  • Skywriter’s Big Old Nasty SGI Page

    There’s something lurking in his basement ….

  • Never Beige – dead :-( – was http://www.orcawerks.com/sgi/

    Some very useful O2 info and images, as well as some good non-SGI stuff.

  • Jodeman’s SGI & Stuff pages

    I don’t think these have been updated for a while, but a good load of links, info and images for Octane and older kit.

  • Marcus Herbert’s web site

    This is the place to look for images of SGI and SGI-related kit. If it’s rare or bizarre Marcus will have a picture of it.

  • Basquiat’s IRIX screenshots

    Some good images showing what you can do with Indigo Magic.

  • Alex’s SGI pages
    Excellent model summaries, and a wealth of information. Very good stuff.

  • Impact’s SGI Site
    Some good guides and nice pictures in the gallery.

  • Simon Pigot’s SGI pages
    Lots of Crimson and Power Series information.

  • Al Corda’s This Old SGI site
    Buckets of information on older machines like the 4D series, Personal IRIS, etc.

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